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After escaping the attack of what he claims to be a 70-shark, Jonas Taylor must face his fears of rescuing them trapped in the subspecies of the sunset.

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub secretariat: Dean Georgaris (screenplay), Jon Hoeber (screenplay)

Five years ago, the specialized Naval typewriter and Navy captain Jonas Taylor stumbled upon an unknown risk in infusing the Marian ditch festivals, which forced him to suspend his mission and abandon half of his crew. Although the tragic event was liberated without glory, what his career ultimately cost him, his marriage and all sorts of honors were his reliable and unregulated claims, what caused him-an assault on his boat by Fampir, the creator of the sea 70 meters It is believed that it has gone away for more than a million years. But when Submerable lie is rung and handicapped at the bottom of the sea, his ex-wife carries among the team who-he is the one who gets the call. Whether you were shooting with a redemption or a suicide mission, Jonas has to face his fears and risk his own life and the lives of anyone trapped below for a question: is Carcharodon Megalodon – the largest sea predator ever found – still alive… and on Hunting T?

Earl Stone, a man of his 80he, who is cut, on his own, and faces in front of his business when offered a job that asks him to control easily. It was quite easy, but without mercy to the count, Hecate signed it for a new one as a Mexican house drug carrier. It is well also, in fact, that its load grows exponentially, and Earl was assigned to become a drummer. But he is not the only one who keeps an eye on Earl; The mysterious new foot drug also met the radar with a sharper cargo agent Colin Bates. And even his problem with money becomes something in the past, the Earl of the past begins to weigh heavily on him, and his uncertainty, if Hell has time to rectify these injuries before law enforcement, or cartetical enforcement, hold on to him.

The Meg 2018

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