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Police detective who appeals to the people of assignment, disguised in the past, he was far to make the world.

Director: Karin Kushskaya Writer: Phil Haye (screenplay), stars Matt Manfredi (screenplay): Nicole Kidman, Toby Kibel, Tatyana Maskarni

The destroyer traces the Odyssey morality and existence of all the police detective Erin Bell, who, as the young police Undercover, put up with a group of gangs in California in the desert with tragic results. When the gang leader showed many years later, he had to work, he was able to return through other members and in the history of himself with them, he finally thought to the demons that destroyed him.

As a young police officer, Erin Bell Undercover to a group that confuses gangs in the California desert with tragic results. Bell continued to work as a detective at the Los Angeles Police Department, but the feeling of anger and regret allowed her to wear and use guilt. When the group leader suddenly Resurfelt, Erin moved Draznâvaniâ to find his former partners, he was brought to justice and reconciled with his tormented past.

Destroyer 2018

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